Deluxe Sampler Snack Box (သရေစာမုန့်မျိုးစုံပုံး)
Deluxe Sampler Snack Box (သရေစာမုန့်မျိုးစုံပုံး)

Deluxe Sampler Snack Box (သရေစာမုန့်မျိုးစုံပုံး)

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Variety Snack Box with all the Burmese favorites! This is especially perfect for people trying Burmese foods for the first time, college students, or really anyone! Order today if you want to try a little bit of everything like us :) 

The Deluxe Sampler Snack Box includes 20 items!!!


- 1 Crispy Peanut Candy package (~25 pieces)

- 1 Sesame Brittle Package

- 5 Burmese Milk Tea packets

- 5 Burmese Coffee Packets


- 1 Chickpea Sticks bag

- 1 Pea and Bean Crunchy Snacks (A little spicy!)

- 1 Crispy Onion Snack (A little spicy!)

- 1 Sunflower Seeds package


- 1 Burmese Picked Tea Salad Kit

- 1 Crispy Mixed Beans package

- 1 Laksa (Coconut Noodle Curry Soup w/ Shrimp Paste) (feeds 2)

- 1 Singapore Bak Kuh Teh (Pork Rib Soup Mix)