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Pickled Tea Leaves (2 Jars)

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Myanmar is a country that uses “have you eaten?” as a greeting rather than “hello,” so you know that good food is a cultural priority.

As The New York Times says, “The wait for a table may last as long as the meal, but devotees of this spot serving Burmese food don’t seem to mind.”

The most famous of all the Burmese Food is “Tea Leaves Salad”.

In Myanmar they don’t just drink their tea, they eat it too.

Tea Leaf Salad is a delicious mix of greens, nuts, and seeds in a light and flavorful dressing.

Singular combination of textures and savory, salty, mildly sour flavors — and, of course, the caffeine kick you get after eating it makes it everyone favorite.

The key component is fermented green tea leaves, traditionally made in Myanmar through a special process where the leaves are soaked in water, packed tightly in banana leaves, and buried underground to age (a method that is actually prohibited in the US).

The rest is comprised of chopped tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and the touch I highly enjoy: “crunchies.” Toasted sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, crunchy peas, and fried garlic chips are tossed together to give the salad a satisfying and savory crunch in every bite.

There is a lot of leeway when it comes to creating your own flavor combinations. For those of you craving spice, feel free to add some sliced jalapeño peppers. And if you have them handy, green onions, shallot, mung bean, and lentils are all great additions.

After many years of the wait, Burmese Tea Leaves Salad is finally here in the United States.

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