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tea leaves salad

Make your own Laphet Thoke (Tea Leaf Salad)

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My order was expected to arrive between November 27th-30th. It arrived today, November 23rd. Very impressed with the quick delivery and service in preparing my order. Highly recommend this seller!

William W.

I was worried about glass jars to leak or break during shipping. Well packed and arrived on time. I had an excellent tea leaf salad for the first time in my life at a Burmese restaurant in Honolulu and wanted to replicate it at home. It is now our favorite salad at home using these products (fermented tea leaves and crunchy condiments).

Naoko K.

We have received three deliveries already and we are more than happy to let you know that every single item is not only high quality but amazingly delicious. Myanmar Food USA is the best online Myanmar grocery in North America and highly professional. Our best wishes to the most enterprising family.

The Lwins